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This is our booking form - please read through and if you wish to book we will take a deposit first before sending out the booking form to you by email..   This enables us to reserve your dates on our website ensuring you get the dates you want and not having them booked by someone else whilst you are completing the form.

We are now doing it this way as we have had people clone our form after we have sent one to them to entice people to book a fake holiday with them. We also have a lot ask for a booking form that do not follow through with booking so it wastes an awful lot of our time.   


To keep you safe you can see part of our account details here on the booking form which will match the details we give you to pay your deposit - please do not pay any other account - we will only contact you from our only email address and no other email address.  

`Our contact number is 07532 710 779 we will not contact you off any other number

Our names on the bank accounts match the owner details that Haven hold and we certainly do not mind you verifying with them.

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