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Prices are subject to change until you book the date you want and have paid a deposit.   

We constantly price check with Haven and our prices can increase or decrease accordingly.  

Our prices are set and we do not take offers - our 'best' prices are on the price list!

Our prices are based on the grade of accommodation and the pitch they are based on - please ensure when comparing our prices to others that you take this into consideration and not compare ours to a basic or standard or smaller model on a lesser pitch.  The park has various ground rent prices depending on which pitch your caravan is on and all of ours are on the higher pitch end price range pitches.  Of course someone who's caravan is on a pitch that is 3 or 4  thousand pounds less than ours per annum can charge less than us - but ours are about the location as well as the accommodation.  (As we spend a lot of time on holiday in our caravans ourselves, of course we want them to have good views, be in a good position and be close to the complex)


 This is NON refundable in the event of cancellation or if you fail to pay the balance on time. 

£100 deposit for holidays costing up to £399

£150 for holidays between £400 and £800

£200 deposit for holidays from £801 to £999

£250 deposit for holidays between £1000 and £1799

Deposits are non refundable in the event of cancellation or if you fail to pay the balance on time.


Balance is due 12 weeks before.


If you cancel your holiday within 12 weeks, monies paid are NON refundable apart from the bond.  


Security bond is required of £150 for all caravans, and is payable with the balance 12 weeks before.    Any DAMAGE or missing items you will lose your bond.  Caravan must also be left in a clean and tidy conditon or you may lose part or all of your bond. See our booking terms and conditions on our booking form.


We abide by Haven's terms and conditions.



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