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Our Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The deposit and/or balance is non-refundable in the event of you cancelling the holiday.

Once deposit and/or balance is paid no refund can be given except for the security bond (if paid) in the event of you cancelling your holiday.

(If Covid is responsible for the park being closed we will refund any monies paid within 28 days or you can change your dates, (paying the extra or receiving a refund for the difference in price) this also includes the park being closed for any other reason and you are therefore unable to take your holiday)

Please pay balance of holiday cost plus security bond no later than strictly 12 weeks prior to holiday commence date or unfortunately we will have no option but to remarket the holiday and your deposit will be lost.

If your payment date falls on a weekend or a Bank Holiday and you need to go to a bank to process payment, it should be paid the day before or you will risk losing your holiday.

Travel Insurance  NOTE   We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance upon booking to cover any unforeseen circumstances where you would need to cancel your holiday booking for illness, injury, self isolation, injury or accident whilst away etc. as any monies paid can not be returned.

We most certainly hope this would not happen but if we need to cancel your holiday after you have paid your deposit but before you have paid your balance due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will return your deposit. If we need to cancel your holiday after you have paid the full balance, we will return all monies paid within 28 days.


Security bond will be returned 10-14 days after your departure pending no breakages or damage, eviction from caravan or site or any missing items.

Please do not harass us for your bond back early - it is 10-14 days for several reasons, including sometimes damage has been reported to Haven and not us and repair or replacement has taken place without us being aware until we receive an invoice from them.  


In the event of damage or breakage of any item within the caravan (fixtures or fittings), please advise us as soon as possible so we can repair/replace without delay. Please note if there is any damage to the caravan that exceeds the security deposit paid & not covered by the insurance we are within our rights to seek legal action to recover the relevant costs. Police will also be informed if we deem the damage is of a malicious nature.


These are our very much loved family holiday homes, please look after them for us and also for the customers that will also be using the accommodation in the future.


There is strictly no smoking/electronic cigarettes/pipes/cigars allowed within the caravan. Please DO not stub your cigarettes out on the deck as it will leave melted brown marks. You will lose your bond.


No pets are allowed. REGISTERED guide & hearing dogs (One only)  by request at our discretion, at the initial booking stage. If you have any visitors this also applies to them that their pets are not allowed inside the caravan.  


Please ensure you adhere to the park rules at all times, as Haven have the right to ask you to leave at any time if the rules are not adhered to – we are not responsible for a refund if this happens. No hen or stag party groups please as per Haven rules. If Haven ask you to leave the park due to unacceptable behaviour, nuisance/drunkenness/fighting/shouting etc you will not be allowed to stay in our caravans again and no refund will be given.


Our charges are for accommodation only – we can not be held responsible for any activities that are unavailable to you during your stay. We do not include passes for the entertainment and pool - these are by separate arrangement through Haven

Haven are within their rights to enter the caravan at any time to repair or maintain.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking without explanation.  Our caravans are insured for the amount of people maximum that we state for each caravan, Haven do check how many are in the caravans and customer are asked to leave if there is more in the caravan than allowed due to heath & safety and insurance.    

Every stay is registered with Haven to comply with their rules and insurance  - if there is a discrepancy between our paper work and the amount of passes purchased, or the amount of persons they see in our caravan, please note that Haven do call me to ask if its correct that we have extra persons staying.    If not. your holiday will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given, your bond will not be returned.

Your booking is not complete without us agreeing the booking form and payment being received.  Until payment is recieved your dates will still be available for others to book.

Please see Havens website for further information on their rules.

Extra Notes - we do not supply toilet rolls, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, sponges etc.   When we go down ourselves we always ensure these are topped up, however we live almost 200 miles away, so we are not down there weekly to top up.  

Bed linen (if you are being provided with it) may differ to the photos, beds are made up for arrival for those having it, sometimes (depending on which cleaner we have) the beds are made up differently - some will have the duvets spread out on the bed, others do it the old fashioned way and leave the made up duvet folded into four on top of the bed.  Bed linen is not changed during your stay.  Bed linen is ironed by the cleaning company we use - however please bear in mind this is carried around in large laundry bags and sometimes may not always be absolutely crease free.   We are not a 5 star hotel and although we do our very best to provide crease free bed linen this is not always possible.  

Our caravans are jet washed at least once a year - depending on weather and how far down the list we are.   We always jet wash the decking on opening up in March.

If you arrive at the caravan and there is something wrong ( like you think it may not have been cleaned, the hob has been missed, etc  then you MUST contact us immediately and send photos - this way we can get our cleaners straight back out to you to put this right.   If you do not tell us and wait until you are home to make a complaint, unfortunately there is nothing we can do - any form of compensation will not be given.

By completing and returning the booking form you are agreeing to our rules and also to Havens.

Any questions please just ask!

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