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Payment Conditions

On booking your holiday with us a deposit is payable & booking form required. The balance is due 10 weeks before the holiday start date along with the security bond. If no balance is received by that date then 24 hours later we will re market the holiday and you will lose your deposit.   Unfortunately we can not extend payment any further as we only rent out to cover our large ground rent and costs. We have many other costs including insurance, water rates, council rates, electric, gas, cleaning, jet washing, electric test, electric `pat', gas safety tests, maintenance of alarms on the caravan, general maintenance - the list goes on!

When is my payment due?  When will I get my security bond back?

10 weeks before your holiday start date the balance along with security bond is due. If you book a holiday at short notice please ask us for the payment terms we can offer. Your security bond will be returned to you (as long as there is no damage to the caravan or missing items)  17/10 days after your departure by whatever method you paid.


Most deposits are £100.  This is non refundable in the event of cancellation or if you fail to pay the balance on time or cancel your holiday.

All school holiday dates are £200 deposit.

Any booking over £750 are £200 deposit.

Security bond is required and it is £150 on our caravans and mini lodge, however during school holidays the bond is £200 - this is non negotiable and must be paid with the balance 10 weeks  before your break.  This is to cover any damage, missing items, lost key, insurance excess etc.

We price check regularly to ensure you are being offered a fair deal mostly our prices will be less than Haven 'stay only' charge.     Occasionally Haven will have sales on that we will not match as our vans are on higher end pitches so that you are guaranteed a great view.   We also have private parking alongside the caravan and a spacious plots. We  have a fantastic cleaner so you know that the caravans are cleaned to a very high standard. and lovely bedding is provided.

You will need to take your own towels and tea towel.

If you are not happy with the cleanliness of the caravan you MUST inform me immediately (within one hour of your arrival is logged on park)   This is so my cleaning company can come back and check whilst they are still on park and put right anything that may be amiss..  


If you cancel your holiday and have paid a deposit the deposit will not be refunded.

If you cancel your holiday and have paid in full plus the bond we will only refund your bond this includes for 

Covid and self isolation - it is up to your insurance not us to pay for your lost holiday.

Make sure you are insured because we do no refund, it is up to you to ensure you have taken out insurance.

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